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Dear Candidate:


The Ghettohead Society’ is one of the newest sanctioned Motorcycle /Social clubs in central Illinois.


The members of the Ghettohead Society are committed to excellence being driven by design porpoise with Strength and Endurance.

We support our community through benevolent activities while supporting each other in fellowship.


Each of us has made a commitment to use our skills to support and maintain our organization. What you do for a living isn’t as important as your willingness to help the club with what needs to be done. We will make you feel welcome and in exchange we want you to contribute your skills in the most positive way possible.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member. Please take a moment to read over all materials provided and ask any questions you may have.


The Ghettohead Organization consists of two groups. The Ghettohead and The Ghettohead Society. In order to become a Ghettohead member, you must have your own motorcycle or car and be certified and endorsed by the State. The Ghettohead is our social club, consisting of ladies and gentlemen who suports the goals and vision of The Ghettohead Society. You must be at least 18 years of age, to become apart of the organization and 21 to become a full member. The application process is the same for both the The Ghettohead and The Ghettohead Society. Once your application has been submitted along with your application fee ($25.00), and accepted, you will start your prospect period.


You will need to provide yourself with a vest. You will be given a prospect patch that you must wear at all outings with the club. The prospect period will last for 3 consecutive months starting the 1st day of the next month, after your application is reviewed and the board has voted. Understand that submission of your application does not guarantee membership or fellowship.


Within your 3 months of prospecting, you must attend one of the monthly meetings, participate in group one activities, attend at least two community service events with the club and in the 3rd month plan and execute your own community service event. Once all of these things are completed, the C-level club members will vote, and if approved by all you will become a member. Membership Fees are $50. In the event the club does not vote you in, this fee will be refunded. Again, thank you for your interest in Ghettohead and we welcome you.


Where to Find Us:

P.O. Box 1201

Decatur, IL 62521


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